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13 August 1979
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Hey. I was born in Soviet Union in 1979. I am from Crimea, Ukraine, where I lived until 2001. I lived in a small village near Simferopol, then studied in a university in Simferopol. i got my BA in accounting (yawn). Then in 2001 I moved to Budapest, Hungary to study, and graduated in 2003 from Central European University with an MA degree in Economics. I love Budapest, and I managed to learn some Hungarian.
Between 2003 and 2005 I lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I got my second master's degree in economics there. at first i did not like the city but now i miss it.

from August 2005 till November 2007 i lived in Baltimore, MD, and studied at Johns Hopkins University. those were two best years of my life.
now I live in London, UK.

i speak Russian, Ukrainian, and English fluently, some Hungarian, Dutch. now i am learning Spanish :-)

i am into martial arts, particularly kickboxing and taekwondo. but i also want to do jiujitsu.
i wish i could find the time to try all the things i want to do: yoga, rollerblading, surfing, jazz dance.

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gay, funny, gay sex, interesting, london, movies, my life, news, photos, politics, russia, thoughts, travel, tv, ukraine, usa, books, food, facts about me, kitchen.

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