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Legal alien in London
none of my opinions are humble :-)
1st-Aug-2019 07:49 pm - "analysis"
well well well. I WISH this was true. but this is an unfortunate example of BAD ANALYSIS and MISLEADING headlines. yes, sale of thinner bags has fallen dramatically. YOU KNOW WHY? because most supermarkets stopped selling thinner 5p bags. all stores i have been to recently - tesco, m&s, sainsburys - all only sell thicker 10p bags, which, GUESS WHAT - are not subject to 5p charge and are not reflected in the statistics. how convenient.

i tried to find some data on all types plastic bag issue in some comparable metrics (tonnes per year for example. what is the point of comparing "number of bags per customer per year" if bags were thinner before and thicker now) - it is not easily available anywhere.

but there you go, someone needed a headline in the news. grrrr. "analysts"

using this "methodology" my personal use of "single use plastic bags" is now zero. becuase i cant get them anywhere. i get thicker bags. but i suspect my use of "plastic bags in general" in terms of weight has increased.
26th-Jun-2019 12:07 am - "Death of a salesman"
finally saw "Death of a salesman"

well... for me the interest was mostly academic as the play is quite famous but i have never seen it. good acting (especially the mother, i foresee an Olivier nomination). BUT.... yes i "get it" it was written in 1949 and probably was a revolutionary "critique of the American dream" but jesus fucking christ is the subject matter (and main character) annoying. all this fucking success worship, pretense, "i am better liked than you", who is more important and other dick-measuring competitions... i REALLY wanted the salesman to fucking die already. and another theme i see often in Miller's plays is "idealistic children suddenly getting disappointed by their imperfect parents and then deciding in to fuck up their own lives in revenge". maybe it was a major problem in 1950s i dont know but its just fucking ridiculous.

reviews are usually positive, and i cant fault the production or actors - it was good. ist just the subject matter was meh to me.
24th-Jan-2019 12:39 am - fake new indeed for once
все они одинаковые
и БиБиСи ничем не лучше
читаем заголовок
на что намек? убийство. так и представляется что он кого то задавил своим катером или там кого то столкнул в воду например
оказывается на свидании дал бабе порулить катером
катер на что то наехал. оба вывалились в воду
он еле выжил. она нет
его признали виновным в manslaughter.
не знаю как по русски
не знаю как вам но я бы ето не назвал "убийством"
и так не первый раз
что то хотим осветить в плохом свете - killer
в хорошем - тоже самое можно было назвать "tragic boat ride"
story about a crime and you want to emphasize one aspect - call them "eastern european immigrants"
another crime story but you want to show a person in a better light - call her "mother of three" (despite story being about drugs smuggling by a UK citizen).
23rd-Jan-2019 11:09 pm - loved this song.

Один в каное - У мене немає дому

17th-Jan-2019 10:11 pm - "Inheritance"
A 2-part (total 7 hours. i saw it over 2 evenings) gay themed play that was (and still is) talk of London last year. Started in Young Vic then was transferred to West End. more official reviews than my humble opinion can be found here for example.

Its sheer length over two nights is already an “attempt to be epic”, and even if it was not intentional, the play is still seen a lot as a current day update on “Angels in America” and presents itself as a “state of the current gay life” so to speak. First about the positive things. It is a large work, and compared to the average quality of gay-themed plays (which is average at best), Inheritance is not bad, and occasionally even good. It has some very touching moments, which did bring tears to my eyes, actors are very good. I enjoyed the framing device in Part 1 which draws on parallels with Howard’s End and its author (which however is one of the negatives I had as I’d prefer a play I can watch without having to do preliminary reading for). In Part 1 however some parallels with Howard’s End were there for no other purpose than just to reference the book. The play is also very often quite funny.

Now to the negatives. For a play that tries to be epic it is rather narrow focused on a very specific sub-culture of gay population of a very specific city and country. Everyone is very attractive, young, mostly white (non-white characters are extremely peripheral), male (many reviewers notes complete absence of women), and well-to-do (apart from the hustler character). And even the problems they face I found quite un-relatable. This is a very “rich-ish white gay New York guys” story.

I did not get any “feel” for what the main character’s character was like. What’s his deal? He was drawn very thinly in my opinion as a “generic nice guy” (who for some reason keeps getting money for free wherever he goes, hello rent controlled apartment and a millionaire fiancé and ultimately a huge house). Wasn’t that all convenient.

The “bad boy” of the story was a much more interesting person, and funny, but his story line was a bit too pre-determined by his past I think (traumatic childhood of course you are self-destructive and unable to love), and even though the way his storyline ends (no spoilers) is a bit of a melodramatic cliché, had it gone the other way it could have been cliché too.

Let’s go back to some positives. Rich guy. He has a complex character and is not a caricature. Not a total villain. He was given opinions and a voice to express them. Loved the jab at millennials! I also think play very well shows how deep the HIV scare damaged some people’s ability to be able to get close to others and even to love. On the other hand the play was a bit preachy towards some of his actions (“omg you use prostitutes; you are morally responsible for them!). I am not entirely on board with the way the play treats the whole sex-work thing. You can’t have it both ways. Either it is a choice and people who do it have agency and can take responsibility for their choices or they are victims to be helped. If you pay a prostitute and are an ethical client (i.e. you do it consensually and do not abuse them) – you are not responsible for their future in my opinion. One may claim that as humans we have an obligation to help people in similar situation to Leo’s (hustler in the play) – but again – you can’t save everyone, and your life is mostly your own responsibility. If you take drugs and fuck bareback – um, I guess you are likely to catch HIV. It sucks if you are 19 and yes I agree that some people are just get thrown too much of crap in life to them. But ultimately we are all responsible for our own lives.

All in all, I am not sure it succeeded as “current look at what is our generation of gays is going to leave behind” as in what is our “inheritance”. Quite a lot in the story was tied to money, house, and wealth. How about “we will just live our lives as boring as straight people, make same stupid mistakes as anyone else, fall in love, have hearts broken, marry, divorce, have children, raise good children, raise crappy children, choose not to have children, commit suicide, or live and grow old”….? There is nothing “exciting” about just being straight, is there. How about our inheritance being our right to be ordinary, so that being gay is no longer something to be “realised”, “discovered”, or being ashamed of, “come out” about, fight for, but neither it is something to be super-proud of, because it is simply a part of who you are and hopefully will become as un-remarkable thing about someone as being straight is now. I could live with such inheritance. It was worth seeing however.
15th-Jan-2019 06:11 pm - brexit shmexit
more for my own memory of these days

1. my MP (Kate Hoey) has no moral right to tell anyone how to vote. Lambeth overwhelmingly voted remain (>70%, second highest after Gibraltar) but she didn't care. Now she talks about "people spoke" when it suits her but she doesn't care about will of her own constituency.

2. Politicians on both sides should stop speculating on "what people meant" when voting to leave. They don't know that. Some probably meant "leave at any cost", while others didn't and others didn't even understand the consequences. So let's stop lying to each other that "people meant this" or "people meant that". Without second referendum you would not know that.

and last thing it's the blind stubborn stupidity of "average Brexit voter" BBC keeps putting on air that drives me the craziest. They just keep chanting "let's just leave, we don't need them". Irony of the fact that they likely work in manufacturing that depends on export to EU, buy Portuguese tomatoes and cherish their one annual drunk vacation in Benidorm is lost on them. But the thing is - should we crash out of the EU, they will never make the logical connection between their Brexit vote and their lost jobs, higher prices and trade barriers. That would be too much thinking required to actually connect the dots. No, they will just blame everything on the EU and whine "why didnt they just give us everything we wanted" and "oh EU treated us badly and wanted to punish us". Like average Trump voter who will never admit he is horrible, and just blame the "enemies", "corrupt media", Democrats, conspiracies etc. You can't reason with such people. Even when their actions lead to horrible consequences they will never admit it.

6th-Jan-2019 12:00 pm - black mirror

SO.... "interactive" Black mirror episode.

Read more...Collapse )

4th-Jan-2019 10:01 pm - навеяло
obviously it is for two people to decide if they want a monogamous or monogam-ish or open relationship. the question remains (and there is no obvious answer) is to which degree we want monogamy because WE want it or because we have been taught and conditioned to want it (same goes for open relationships too. do we want it or do we feel we should want it...)
23rd-Dec-2018 05:36 pm - 2018 theatre
time to look back at my THEATRICAL 2018.

trips to the theatre/opera/concert/ballet - 103 occasions. 16 visits to the Royal Opera House. Saw 27 Operas.
BEST of 2018 theatre for me:
- Lady Windermere's fan. Oscar Wilde.
- John. National theatre.
- My name is Lucy Barton. Bridge theatre. With Laura Linney.
- Machinal. Almeida.
- Lehmann trilogy. National theatre. directed by Sam Mendez.
- Summer and Smoke. Tennessee Williams. Almeida.
- Company. Musical by Sondheim. Rosalie Craig. Patti Lupone.
Best Opera productions:
- Giulio Cesare. Handel. Glyndebourne.
- Lady Macbeth of Mzensk. Royal Opera House.
- the Ring Cycle. Wagner. Royal Opera house.
21st-Dec-2018 06:39 pm - ugly truth :)
на всех религиозных картинах после потопа все чистенько, птички поют. а тут показали правду - трупы плавают :)

Edward Burne-Jones
"Noah receives the dove back to the Ark"
from the exhibition i went to today in Tate Britain

31st-Oct-2018 10:07 am - why not
Donald Trump wants to end birthright citizenship of babies born to non-US nationals

if we forget for a second that the suggestion for the abolition came from Trump. (and could only be done by amending the constitution i think)... birth-place-only based citizenship is rare and a weird (to me) concept. what is the point of giving citizenship to someone whose parents came on vacation for 2 days 30 years ago once and he or she just happen to be born then? as an example.

most countries tie it to citizenship of at least one of the parents. or at least some link to that country via relatives. plus, obviously acquired citizenship through immigration and settlement. it (citizenship simply by place of birth) may be a logical policy if it for example saves time and resources which would otherwise be wasted on supporting of system of verifying someones right to be a citizen (if instead you just need birth certificate). but i am not sure it was the reason behind this in the first place.

for me a country is a group of people who decided together on set of rules on how to live. including who to let in and who not to let in. it is not a moral question for me. no one has "a right" to move into my flat just because they want to. so i m definitely against "no borders"
31st-Aug-2018 04:31 pm - you poor thing


dude accuses someone of being a racist
apparently as a joke.
because it is so funny
no one laughs
dude feels "lonely" adn "isolated"
writes a big article about "race as a touchy subject" at Edinburgh fringe festival
everyone applauds his courage.

"The show is a sublime adaptation of Alison Bechdel’s acclaimed graphic-novel memoir about growing up as a lesbian in small town Pennsylvania with a closeted gay father who was forever obsessively restoring the family funeral home (hence the ironic title). In 2015, it was the first Broadway musical with a lesbian protagonist and went on to win five Tony Awards". review from Independent

this was really good. "a family tragicomic". funny at times, at times difficult to watch, but worth it. Oh the ways parents screw up their children.... It's not serious though but did get me thinking.

When it just started (and i read before that it was about a "traumatic childhood") i was like Oh cry me a river. You werent abused, you werent poor, you had enough to eat. So your dad yelled at you several times and had his own ideas on how to draw (even though that was done in an assholish way). But i guess the author just tells her story - this is what it was. She never understood her father, or vice versa, (dont want to make spoilers) , he never opened up or got close to his children, but then again.... how many of us are lucky to have true good connections with our parents... I have a good relationship with my mom, but dad is "gone" forever i think. i am not even sure i ll see him again, let alone have a meaningful conversation. And actually think it was good growing up NOT having him around. but then again, who knows, and who knows what fucked me up more and in what mysterious ways :)

review from the guardian here

26th-Jul-2018 11:56 pm - bull crap
here is a bleeding heart post about arts

and here is my honest opinion

um. no..... too self congratulatory. i pay for my access to arts. i buy tickets to theatre and exhibitions. my taxes contribute to "free stuff" like tate and british museum. if you as a person choose life in arts, given other options, and given current "arts market" and how it works, you dont get to complain to the rest of us who work 9 to 5. either produce something worth getting paid for, or go away. just because someone feels "the need to create" doesnt mean someone else needs to go do Excel sheets all day to pay for your need to create.
20th-Jul-2018 11:40 pm - пиздострадания
read "a gay classic". Giovanni's room by James Baldwin.

yes i get it. it was revolutionary for the time it came out. but fucking hell it's so boring.
spoiler alert :)

two bi dudes (ok, one probably gay) hook up in Paris. one - American asshole who doesnt need to work, drinks all the time and came to Europe "to think" or "find himself" (yawn) or something like that. they live together for a bit, American leaves. Other dude kills someone and gets death sentence. American blames himself for leaving the Italian.

some observations.
1. main character (American asshole) is boring as fuck. insincere, crappy person.
2. "tough life" and "hot Italian blood" are not excuses for killing someone.

in short - пиздострадания.
5th-Mar-2018 11:13 pm - "Hamilton" reached London
finally saw "Hamilton". bought tickets like a year ago.

um. ok. not OMG. i dont like rap and it was very difficult to understand lyrics in the beginning when there was A LOT of rap (they may have been good and funny - i wouldn't know).

some parts were great and funny. best songs - by the English King, and best character - Thomas Jefferson. didnt like the main actor that much. all in all original and a good idea, but definitely not WOW and quite overhyped.

10th-Feb-2018 12:07 am - carmen
советские люди, кто помнит Бестемьянову и Букина?

i know most of it is probably childhood memories and nostalgia, but i remember this performance well, i was 6. i still think it's quite good choice of music. memories brought back by recent Carmen in Royal opera house

15th-Jan-2018 09:22 pm - "best ever"
Finally watched "best gay movie ever made" aka Call me by your name. Disliked it but not for reasons i expected. .

Positives - Young guy was cute and great actor. And nice camera work. Cute lake.

Negatives - no chemistry between main characters. American guy can't act and has an emotional range of a wet carrot. "Romance" was not believable. "He's a dick because he says Later" - "shoulder rub" - "i know a lot apart from things that matter" which apparently clearly means "im in love with you" in Italy in 1983. Maybe people who read the book could "fill in the gaps" using the things they remember from the book, but there was just not enough development in the relationship between the two guys. And a better American actor would help.

some bits from reviews that put it better than me:

"my main problem was that the relationship between Elio and Oliver just didn't ring true. OK, a few small things happened between them which could have been seen as sexual (e.g. the shoulder massage), but they were both busy doing things with women a lot. Nothing wrong with being bi! And Elio is meant to be young, finding himself etc. But one day, he suddenly says to Oliver that he needs to tell him something, and Oliver says he knows what it is - but there really hasn't been enough evidence of that building up. I do realise that reading an article about Hammer which said that he had a clause added to his contract restricting the amount of sex and nudity he would be expected to do - well that made me struggle to see sincerity in his acting."

"About the performances: Armie Hammer is a truly beautiful physical specimen of a man, but in this film that is the full extent of his acting ability. Preening, with an exaggerated sense of dismissive cool, his portrayal of Oliver left the sense of an actor trying too hard to pretend that he was comfortable in the role. This sense is re-inforced in the promotional interviews for the film, where he seems to be working just a bit too hard to show how cool he was with kissing and simulating sex with another beautiful young(er) man. The utter sterility of the sex scenes or the lack of explicit nudity, however, as dictated by Hammer's contract, belie his overcompensating demeanor. Understandable, perhaps, but this kills the credibility of any emotional chemistry beyond the two men on- screen."

also, two smaller points but still. this is 1980s in Italy. no internet. no Grindr. young guy (even with his super liberal-progressive parents) seem a bit unbelievably comfortable with the whole "i guess i m gay" thing. but then i guess some people are. but still.

and "the father's speech". yeah, kinda good. ezcept for one point. he says "to what you had i came close only once" - not sure what he means. "what you had" - love? he doesnt love his wife then? or he means "gay fling"? then bit weird to say that still.

all in all its an OK film, but definitely does not deserve heaps of praise and barrage of 10-star reviews. will be very disappointed if this gets an Oscar or something.
2nd-Jan-2018 10:43 pm - netflix
ok so i got this netflix thing. and.... how do i find something that is not crap?
there s just SO MUCH SHIT. not "shit" meaning "stuff" but meaning unwatchable crap.

/to clarify.... and out of things that are not shit: /
watched second episode of black mirror. i think their motto is "lets make everyone want to kill themselves after watching our show because lets admit it we are all fucked"

good summary here
2nd-Jan-2018 09:06 pm - 2017 in the theatre
2017 in theatre. 106 occasions. Royal Opera house 12 times. Barbican 13 visits. Saw 20 Operas in total. Strange. Compared to 30 operas i saw in 2016 (and 18 visits to ROH).

BEST plays:

- Beware of Pity (Ungeduld des Herzens) by Stefan Zweig. Complicite and Schaubühne Berlin 10 February
- Simon McBurney -The Kid Stays in the Picture, march 22
- 887. Ex Machina/ Robert Lepage. BARBICAN. 7 june
- Katie Mitchell will direct Alice Birch's Anatomy of a Suicide. 9 june
- Audra McDonald as Billie Holiday. LADY DAY AT EMERSON'S BAR & GRILL. Wyndham’s theatre. 15 Jul
- Follies. Stephen Sondheim and James Goldman’s classic musical. Imelda Staunton as Sally Durant Plummer, Janie Dee as Phyllis Rogers Stone and Philip Quast as Benjamin Stone., 13 sep
- Mosquitoes by Lucy Kirkwood. From January 2017. Rufus Norris will direct a new play by Kirkwood, presented by special arrangement with Manhattan Theatre Club. Olivia Williams , Olivia Colman. 20 sept
- Thebes Land - arcola - oct 6
- Network: directed by Ivo Van Hove and star Bryan Cranston in the role of Howard Beale. 15 nov

Best opera productions:
- Salzburg George Frideric Handel Ariodante. Bartoli. director Loy. ginevra - Kathryn Lewek!!!, Sandrine Piau, polinesso - Christophe Dumaux,- aug 18 *****
- Forza del destino - 23 july 2017. Harteros Kaufmann. ****

also very good:

- Royal court Lucy Kirkwood’s The Children - jan 5
- Harold Pinter Theatre: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Imelda Staunton. 24 February
- Old vic. a revival of Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. apr 5
- The Ferryman directed by Sam Mendes, Royal Court 17 may
- new play by James Graham - Ink. almeida july 31
- Juliet Stevenson in Wings, directed by Natalie Abrahami. The drama follows a woman who struggles to make sense of her world after she suffers a stroke.  sept 25
- Venus in Fur - Theatre Royal Haymarket 11 October
30th-Dec-2017 10:14 pm - cape town
19-29 december
good: food, wine, cheap, warm
bad: crime, cold ocean

4th-Dec-2017 10:08 pm(no subject)
"How does your work reflect your company's values".
Wait i heard that somewhere before. Oh right .
"How do you contribute to implementation of the decisions of the XX Congess of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union" .
1st-Nov-2017 11:38 pm - "sexual assault"

i do not want to start a holy war, but here is a definition of Sexual Assault in the UK. and if i read it literally, then A LOT OF MEN going to clubs like XXL, SBN, VAULT, any darkroom, and sauna are guilty of it.

So um... yeah. I'm not sure how i d feel if 30 years from now someone accused me of sexual assault in XXL darkroom. (for the purposes of this post i m talking about gay men for now)

Sexual Assault (section 3)

The elements of the offence of sexual assault are:

A person (A) intentionally touches another person (B)
- the touching is sexual
- (B) does not consent to the touching, and
- (A) does not reasonably believe that (B) consents.

21st-Oct-2017 06:25 pm - Posner
интересное интервью. отвык я от русской речи по телевизору/онлайн. звучит странно. а вопрос "что вы смотрите в Интернете" я не понял. не важно. для меня 3 "гаденьких" таких момента: "спасибо Путину что с Россией снова стали считаться" (ну так, и сумасшедший с пистолетом тоже "заставит с собой считаться"), "нигде свободы нет. а вы попробуйте в Англии или Франции сказать что то положительное о России. да вам не дадут" (а есть что сказать? пока что если я вижу российских "представителей" на BBC, они только могут повторят "а нас там нет" и "а в Америке негров линчуют") и "а что ж у нас 52% не голосует. апатичный у нас народ. вот проголосовали бы они все за Яблоко.". (угу, народ виноват. свободы сука не хочет. а то что по телевизору сплошной изведем США в ядерный пепел это не влияет да?)

20th-Aug-2017 10:53 am - norway 2017
Stavanger - 3 nights. day trip to Pulpit rock (had to cancel Kjerag hike because of rain).
Ardal - 1 night in a beautiful house on a lake
Lofthus near Trolltunga as a base - 2 nights. one day trip to a farm up in mountains, then hike to Troll's tongue (10hr return)
Bergen - 4 nights

Pulpit rock (not too lucky with weather). 4hr return hike quite easy.

then 15 min after a cloud came:

this is what it should have looked like not in the cloud:

Ardal. stayed here only one night but very nice place maybe for next time. hotel even had kayaks to use for free on the lake.

read moreCollapse )
Highlight of the trip - hike to Trolltunga

read moreCollapse )
18th-Apr-2017 08:47 pm - news today
17th-Apr-2017 07:04 pm - Taiwan impressions
tried Hot pot. also "live Steam" of food - there is a huge steam thing in middle of the table and you cook yourself in front of you and eat. some of things are still alive :O
No trash cans anywhere. have to carry your stuff until you get into metro or something. but at the same time clean streets.
Toilets in metro stations. very convenient. very clean too.
Pedestrian crossings - careful as cars dont stop.
No food or drink in metro allowed, including platform
Swarms of scooters in the streets.
No sweetener in starbucks
Universality of 7/ 11 stores, you can get food, coffee, pay your taxes, do laundry, connect to wifi, go to bathroom. they are everywhere and indispencible.
nice nature.

Steamer in the middle of the table:

Hotpot: (boiling soup in the middle - you take pieces of raw things and cook them in the soup and eat them)

National palace museum

Night Taipei (and the tower Taipei 101)


Kenting (most southern point)

Kaoshiung (second largest city)

More food

10th-Jan-2017 09:32 pm - mexico
was quite surprised with mexico city
not that i had a specific image in mind or expectations
apparently it has the largest number of museums in any city in the world. many of them are quite good.

Castillo Chapultepec


Museum of archeology:

Museo Soumaya building

House of Frida Kahlo
9th-Jan-2017 06:27 pm - Mexico
18. Playa del Carmen. Arrival. Walk around

19. Tulum. Coba. Cenote.

20. Beach. Cenote dos ojos

21. Chichen itza. Cenote ik kil

22. Beach

23. Fly to Mexico City. A walk to Plaza Republica

24. Zocalo. Cathedral. Palacio nacional.

25. Walk to chapultepec park.

26. Soumaya museum. Polanco.

27. Day trip to Puebla (2hr bus). Museum of baroque

28. Museo arte moderno. Frida kahlo. Coyocan. Park mexico

29. Museo Jose cuevas. Murals in San idelfonso. Museo Bellas artes. Torre Latinoamericana. Market ciudadella

30. Museo Tamayo. Museo Antropologia.

31. Museo Jumex.

1. Castillo chapultepec

2. Teotihuacan day trip. Piramides.

15th-Dec-2016 09:47 pm - 2016 theatre year
best things i ve seen in the theatre

- Complicite. The Encounter. Barbican
- People, Places and Things, Wyndham's Theatre
- Jesus Christ Superstar- directed by Timothy Sheader. Open air theatre.
- Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine. Menier Chocolate factory.
- Belarus Free Theatre’s "Tomorrow I Was Always a Lion". Arcola.
- Akram Khan's Giselle Sadler's Wells

114 performances attended (same as in 2015 funnily enough), including 31 operas. 17 trips to Royal Opera House.
18th-Aug-2016 12:42 am - stupid grndr questions
to add to the collection of stupid grndr questions.... "are you a good top?".... um, what kind of answer are u expecting? have u ever met anyone in this world that would a say "um. i m a crappy top to be honest"/. cant stand stupid questions.
26th-Apr-2016 11:40 am - Lucia at ROH
Кейти Митчелл - очень неровный для меня режиссер. Иногда супер супер, иногда мудотень мудотенью. Иногда - и то и то вперемешку.
Вот так вперемешку получилась Лючия в Королевской Опере.
Диана Дамрау заслужила памятник своим актерским способностям в этой постановке. Но голос ее уже не тот. И в сцене сумасшествия за душу берет скорее игрой чем голосом, но берет.
Остальные певцы были хорошие.
Что понравилось - более "целостная" фигура Лючии; добавление сцен которые остаются обычно за кадром по либретто - убийство Артуро, смерть Лючии. Замечательная игра Дамрау, особенно в mad scene.
НО все позитивные моменты практически уничтожаются идиотскими моментами. Секс сцена на кладбище. Комичное убийство Артуро - зрители смеялись в голос и я их не упрекаю - сцена действительно идиотская.

Для того чтобы показать сцены которых нет в либретто - сцена была разделена на две половины - например пока Эдгардо и Энрико договариваются о дуэли на сцене справа, с левой стороны Лючия и ее служанка убивают Артуро. В принципе идея ОК - иначе как бы никак, но такое наложение действий отнимало внимание с певцов и привлекало внимание к действию на другой половине сцены.

Ой. ну и вода. это идиотизм. Слева Эдгардо душу изливает в своей арии, а справа Лючия громко наполняет ванну. Меня это очень раздражало.

В целом - месиво. Замечательные куски в перемешку с идиотизмом. Если переделать несколько мест, и найти сопрано которая может играть так же хорошо как Дамрау но может справиться с пением получше - можно и еще раз посмотреть, а так не очень.

trailer on youtube:

Guardian: Lucia di Lammermoor review – fussy, but an unforgettable finale
Another review: Lucia di Lammermoor review – flawed but full of provocative thought

а вы их дустом не пробовали? иммигрантов этих проклятых. ходють тут. у местных работу отбирают. why just £1,000? why not £100,000? что за полу-меры?

"The Immigration Skills Charge, set to be introduced in April 2017, will be levied on employers that employ migrants in skilled areas. Set at £1,000 per employee per year, and a reduced rate of £364 for small or charitable organisations, it is designed to cut down on the number of businesses taking on migrant workers and incentivise training British staff to fill those jobs. "


27th-Feb-2016 07:50 pm - "Encounter" in Barbican, London
THIS is how theatre progresses.
Amazing production.

You See ‘The Encounter’ With Your Ears

Complicite’s Encounter makes you wonder if you’re drunk

The show will be streamed live, via YouTube and Complicite’s website, on Tuesday. Watch it if you can
there was a cartoon on facebook some time ago. one panel titled "a critic's interpretation" said "blue curtains in this scene are a symbol of sadness the heroine felt". the other panel - "what the author meant" said "curtains were simply blue".

i remember i hated "analysing" poetry in school, because it felt stupid. how on earth am i asupposed to know what the author meant by a strong wind or by a wide river? leave me alone! but it seems that indeed, give any collection of words to a critic - they will find some meaning. show some poop on a stick to an art critic, they will call it groundbreaking.

what am i talking about? this: Cleansed, by Sarah Kane, National Theatre

Cleansed: Dozens faint and walk out of National Theatre over gruesome torture

I bought my ticket to see this way before I knew anything about this play or its author, mostly because it was directed by Katie Mitchell, and I usually like her work. Playwright - Sarah Kane (billed by National Theatre as "One of Britain’s most influential playwrights") - I had never heard about her, so was also curious to fill the educational gap. She wrote 5 plays, most of them quite strange, violent and gruesome and then killed herself in 1999 at the age of 28.

Anyhow, yes the rumours are true. There is lots of blood, violence and on-stage sex. A guy gets a heroin shot into a corner of his eye in the first 10 minutes of the play. We see a guy raped with a metal stick, we see a tongue cut out, woman raped, and so on. Which is not a no-no for theatre in my opinion (if it has meaning and purpose to say something), but I guess my thoughts are better expressed in this review:

For all the torture, gore and violence it feels so casual that it becomes devoid of any meaning. Instead of fruitlessly questioning why the actions are happening within the world of the play, your mind wanders and instead asks why you as an audience are being made to endure this visual torment, and you struggle to grasp the play's message. We become anaesthetised to the pain, and this 'cleansing' builds without momentum - it becomes arbitrary, and you forego searching for meaning.

The only way I could make any sense of what was happening (and I suspect this was the interpretation Katie Mitchell was going for) is that all this was happening in someone's mind. There were some "clues" that could be interpreted, and it all could be allegorical. There is a gay couple, one half of which keeps expressing his eternal love to the other and gets punished with more and more severity. There is a sister looking for her brother, who also wants to "morph" into him (which happens at the end).

Afterwards, I went home and read a bit about the author, her other plays, some literary analysis and so on. And it's not that I need plays to be obvious. I like strange, I like multiple meanings, but I still need something to indicate where this all goes to or what it hints to. And if I need to read a book about a play in order to kind of understand its meaning, thanks but i m out.

I did find some articles about this play, one with a very appropriate title: Decoding Sarah Kane: Dimensions of Metaphoricity in Cleansed. As I expected, it was full with statements like "This scene is informed by the conceptual metaphor “love is confusion.” ", "Therefore, the underlying conceptual metaphor is “the world is a prison,”", and so on. And here I ll remember my blue curtains metaphor. Yes, it may be that castration, mutilation and rape were metaphors for something. Or maybe a deeply depressed woman who then killed herself at 28 viewed life as pain and love as torture, and wanted to express these literally. Who decides when a collection of seemingly mindless violent acts represents a groundbreaking play, and when - a product of a disturbed mind?

I usually hate "modern art". I do not understand why a blue canvas is a piece of art. Or Campbell soup cans, or a urinal signed by the "artist", or a canned piece of poop (go see it in Tate Modern in London). Some things I like when there is originality (shape, color, or  material). But with plays I need more than "no one has ever done this before on stage".

But then, what do i know.... FT gave it 5 stars.
Other reviews ranged from very bad to medium.
In any case, this was educational.
23rd-Feb-2016 11:35 pm - why are you so angry?
a good series of videos. it mostly deals with "gamerGate" (which i did not know about), but explains quite well why some people get so angry and emotional when almost anything about social justice is brought up - racism, sexism etc. people dont like to acknowledge that some parts of their comfort is thanks to an unfair and discriminatory system, because to acknowledge that would mean to them that they are "bad people". therefore it is easier to either ignore the problem, or better yet - destroy the messenger.

Оригинал взят у morreth в Злой Джек, или несколько видео, которые я всем рекомендую посмотреть
Originally posted by madmundt at Злой Джек, или несколько видео, которые я всем рекомендую посмотреть

Гуляя по просторам интернета и копаясь в феминистских тредах и дискуссиях, я случайно услышал про серию видео, под названием "Why are you so angry?". Я решил их заценить, и ни разу не пожалел. Это было отлично проведенное время, за которое я узнал много интересных вещей о человеческой психологии и как работают умы некоторых людей.
Но мне нужно объяснить суть вопроса. В интернете, особенно в сфере видеоигровой культуры есть ОГРОМНАЯ нелюбовь к феминизму и вообще любым проявлениям борьбы за социальную справедливость. Все это зачастую крутится вокруг феминистки Аниты Саркисян и ее серии критических видео про сексизм в видеоиграх. Люди отчаянно не любят признавать что в видеоиграх есть такая проблема, отчего они будут поливать Аниту и ей подобных всей возможной грязью. Это превратилось в так называемый "Anita's Law": Любая попытка поговорить о мизогинии, расизме и гомофобии в играх приводит к ярким проявлениям мизогинии, гомофобии и расизма от оппонентов самой дискуссии.
Даже если вы от игр далеки, я думаю видео все равно вам прийдется очень по душе. Наверняка мы все, в споре с ярым женоненавистником задавались вопросом: как он может в это верить, и при этом искренне считать что он не сексист?
Ну, вот ваш ответ! В этом серии видео от Innuendo, автор придумал архетип "Angry Jack". Он объясняет как именно мыслит Злой Джек, и почему он всегда такой злой и так старается защитится когда кто-то говорит о сексизме в видеоиграх. Но, что самое классное, эти видео в целом никак не стараются демонизировать Злого Джека. Только понять его.
Я советую всем это глянуть, я выложу все видео в их правильном порядке ниже.

остальное под катомCollapse )

The Mighty Handful: Antonio Pappano and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House

Antonio Pappano conducts a captivating concert programme that celebrates the award-winning Orchestra of the Royal Opera House.


Rimsky-Korsakov: Prelude and the Battle of Kerzhenets from The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and the Maiden Fevroniya
Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee from The Tale of Tsar Sultan
Borodin: Symphony no.2
Musorgsky: St John’s Night on Bare Mountain
Cui: Prelude to Act III of William Ratcliff
Balakirev: Islamey

Rimsky-Korsakov: Prelude from The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh

Rimsky-Korsakov: Battle of Kerzhenets from The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh

Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee from The Tale of Tsar Sultan

Borodin: Symphony no.2

this piece is quite famous:
Musorgsky: St John’s Night on Bare Mountain

could not fine Cui on youtube

Balakirev: Islamey
Husbands and sons. National theatre

i rarely walk out of theatre. only when it's so bad i can't stand it
or when i simply dont give two fucks about any one the characters
or, like today, i simply cant watch so much "realness" and misery

so, they squashed three plays by DH Lawrence into one production
A Collier’s Friday Night, The Daughter-in-Law and The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd.
all three plays take place in mining communities and deal with marriages and families
all were written in the beginning of the 20th century
probably were quite controversial and groundbreaking in their time, which i can understand and appreciate

and the acting was actually great
here is a set of things happening on stage:
husband and wife bickering, he yells at her calls her a bitch. complains he doesnt get respect in his house
another husband gets drunk and brings home two prostitutes to his home where his wife is waiting for him. they have a row.
a wife telling her husnabd he s the best she could get because no one better could have her. they have a row.
a son - college student, and his father - a miner, almost have a fist fight
and so on and so on

and because the actors are very good, you feel being inside all these rows, bickering, hatered and viciousness. and for me personally its too much, too "close to home". in several scenes i even looked away as it was too painful to watch. so i left in the interval.
too bleak. too depressing. yes, real life, yes misery exists in the world. but it was like watching a man beating a homeless dog with a bat for 2 hours. life? yes. real? yes. do i want to see it? god, no.

maybe these 3 pieces would be bearable one by one. they deal with different issues as well. wives and husbands; mothers, sons and their wives etc. but lumped together they were too much to bear.

reviews in general were very positive. here is one for example.

13th-Jan-2016 10:40 pm - "Homecoming" by Harold Pinter.
"Homecoming" by Harold Pinter. Trafalgar studios, London

Pinter's plays (the ones I saw) are usually engaging, puzzling and interesting to watch. The problem (for me) usually is - they dont make much sense in the end. I liked "Betrayal" (whose plot one could actually follow). "Hothouse" was ok. But "Old times" (which was very fun to watch) and now - "Homecoming" - what the hell is all this about??? I do like plays that are not "too obvious" and are open to interpretation, full of hints and different points of view. But this seemed just a bunch of lines and weird actions thrown in together with an invitation - go on, try to make sense of it

Here - review by The Guardian for more details.
Wiki page: "Homecoming"

8th-Jan-2016 11:19 pm - alcina
you can watch full opera online till 9 january - Alcina - direction of Katie Mitchell. with Prohaska, Jaroussky and Petibon. from festival d'aix de Provance. very good.

8th-Jan-2016 10:13 pm - Bull - Young Vic - review
/i decided to start writing short reviews if i have more to say than bad/good/.

this felt like a good 1st act of a 2-act play. but i did not like it on its own. we see two colleagues conspiring against a 3rd one because one of them has to be let go. we see bullying, harassment and backstabbing. but then the bullied guy is fired. the end. i understand that probably the writer was going for realism, "this is real life" type of thing, "there is not always redemption and bad guys sometimes get away with it", "in a bull-ring the bull gets killed. the end". but as a piece of drama by itself it just did not work for me. it could have been more interesting. in the bull ring the matador risks his life. work-place bullies may have their reasons to be horrible (justified or not). but this play felt just like watching bullies punch a small kid for 2 hours - it may be real life, its just not a very good theatre,

The Guardian review of the previous january run here

5th-Aug-2015 11:16 pm - Carmen
ходил в Sadler's Wells на Matthew Bourne's "THE CAR MAN"

местеми херня, местами ничего
слишком много намеренной гомосятины чтобы привлечь зрителей

но речь не о том
вот что оно мне навеяло
почему то это выступление мне очнь в детстве запомнилось

30th-Jun-2015 08:44 pm - zurich opera
went to Zurich to see 3 operas.

Friday: Diana Damrau in Elisir d'amore

Saturday: Jyce DiDonato in I Capuleti e i Montecchi
Discovery of the night - Olga Kulchynska (from Ukraine, 25 years old) as Giulietta. i will look for her now. Huge voice.

Sunday: Elektra
(this is my 6ht Strauss opera and i think Strauss is just not for me, despite amazing singers)
Over the top production (had its moments though)

2nd-Jun-2015 01:21 pm - some thoughts
Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn) is on cover of Vanity Fair

initially i didnt want to say anything, but this post summarizes pretty much my own thoughts on the issue. Having a transgendered person on cover of Vanity Fair is of cource a huge step. But so many comments miss the point, concentrating on "gorgeousness" and "looking good". Would Caitlyn be on the cover if she wasnt passable or "gorgeous"? How many trans people arent, and therefore arent represented? Stilll, small steps... small but significant steps....

Recently there was nother brouhahaha about a guy (who used to be a gilr) who now has amazing body (thanks testosterone!) and is a model or something. Well, good for him. With those test injections it shouldnt be too hard.

So another issue is.... how many cis-gendered people cant afford "looking on the outside the way they feel inside".
17th-May-2015 12:30 am(no subject)

What Was Gay?

In an increasingly accepting world, homosexual men are all too eager to leave their campy, cruising past behind. But the price of equality shouldn’t be conformity.

full article
17th-Dec-2014 07:24 pm - theatre 2014
one of my new year resolutions this year was to be "more selective" when going to theatre and not go so much. well, i failed. 81 trips to the theatre (compared to 79 in 2013). 20 operas. 18 visits to Royal Opera House. no i m not complaining :-)

things i enjoyed the most (excluding opera and ballet):

- Candide at the Menier Chocolate Factory, Music by Leonard Bernstein.  *****

- CORIOLANUS, Donmar warehouse   ****
- HAPPY DAYS by Samuel Beckett. Young vic - ****

- Good People – Hampstead - - Imelda Staunton   *****

- The Testament of Mary - by Colm Tóibín,   Barbican. With Fiona Shaw.   *****

- Clarence Darrow. David W Rintels. Kevin Spacey.   Old vic.*****

- Skylight – Wyndhams theatre – Cary Mulligan and Bill Nighy –  *****

- A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE with Gillian Anderson - Young Vic   *****

- Medea, National theatre  ****

- Richard III, Martin Freeman Trafalgar Studios.   ****

- To Kill A Mockingbird, Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park, ****


- Urinetown The Musical, directed by Jamie Lloyd ****

- Henry IV. Donmar warehouse. ****

- Kristin Scott Thomas in Electra. Sophocles. In a version by Frank McGuinness. Old Vic ****

- Assassins – musical by Sondheim – with Catherine Tate  ****
21st-Oct-2014 12:01 am - i have a new favourite opera
Alcina, by Handel

so many amazing arias

there are many versions of it ( but the Harteros one above is my favourite)

other arias i cant stop singing in my head:
Tornami a vagheggiar

Di, cor mio

Si, son quella
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