well well well. I WISH this was true. but this is an unfortunate example of BAD ANALYSIS and MISLEADING headlines. yes, sale of thinner bags has fallen dramatically. YOU KNOW WHY? because most supermarkets stopped selling thinner 5p bags. all stores i have been to recently - tesco, m&s, sainsburys - all only sell thicker 10p bags, which, GUESS WHAT - are not subject to 5p charge and are not reflected in the statistics. how convenient.

i tried to find some data on all types plastic bag issue in some comparable metrics (tonnes per year for example. what is the point of comparing "number of bags per customer per year" if bags were thinner before and thicker now) - it is not easily available anywhere.

but there you go, someone needed a headline in the news. grrrr. "analysts"

using this "methodology" my personal use of "single use plastic bags" is now zero. becuase i cant get them anywhere. i get thicker bags. but i suspect my use of "plastic bags in general" in terms of weight has increased.

"Death of a salesman"

finally saw "Death of a salesman"

well... for me the interest was mostly academic as the play is quite famous but i have never seen it. good acting (especially the mother, i foresee an Olivier nomination). BUT.... yes i "get it" it was written in 1949 and probably was a revolutionary "critique of the American dream" but jesus fucking christ is the subject matter (and main character) annoying. all this fucking success worship, pretense, "i am better liked than you", who is more important and other dick-measuring competitions... i REALLY wanted the salesman to fucking die already. and another theme i see often in Miller's plays is "idealistic children suddenly getting disappointed by their imperfect parents and then deciding in to fuck up their own lives in revenge". maybe it was a major problem in 1950s i dont know but its just fucking ridiculous.

reviews are usually positive, and i cant fault the production or actors - it was good. ist just the subject matter was meh to me.

fake new indeed for once

все они одинаковые
и БиБиСи ничем не лучше
читаем заголовок
на что намек? убийство. так и представляется что он кого то задавил своим катером или там кого то столкнул в воду например
оказывается на свидании дал бабе порулить катером
катер на что то наехал. оба вывалились в воду
он еле выжил. она нет
его признали виновным в manslaughter.
не знаю как по русски
не знаю как вам но я бы ето не назвал "убийством"
и так не первый раз
что то хотим осветить в плохом свете - killer
в хорошем - тоже самое можно было назвать "tragic boat ride"
story about a crime and you want to emphasize one aspect - call them "eastern european immigrants"
another crime story but you want to show a person in a better light - call her "mother of three" (despite story being about drugs smuggling by a UK citizen).


A 2-part (total 7 hours. i saw it over 2 evenings) gay themed play that was (and still is) talk of London last year. Started in Young Vic then was transferred to West End. more official reviews than my humble opinion can be found here for example.

Its sheer length over two nights is already an “attempt to be epic”, and even if it was not intentional, the play is still seen a lot as a current day update on “Angels in America” and presents itself as a “state of the current gay life” so to speak. First about the positive things. It is a large work, and compared to the average quality of gay-themed plays (which is average at best), Inheritance is not bad, and occasionally even good. It has some very touching moments, which did bring tears to my eyes, actors are very good. I enjoyed the framing device in Part 1 which draws on parallels with Howard’s End and its author (which however is one of the negatives I had as I’d prefer a play I can watch without having to do preliminary reading for). In Part 1 however some parallels with Howard’s End were there for no other purpose than just to reference the book. The play is also very often quite funny.

Now to the negatives. For a play that tries to be epic it is rather narrow focused on a very specific sub-culture of gay population of a very specific city and country. Everyone is very attractive, young, mostly white (non-white characters are extremely peripheral), male (many reviewers notes complete absence of women), and well-to-do (apart from the hustler character). And even the problems they face I found quite un-relatable. This is a very “rich-ish white gay New York guys” story.

I did not get any “feel” for what the main character’s character was like. What’s his deal? He was drawn very thinly in my opinion as a “generic nice guy” (who for some reason keeps getting money for free wherever he goes, hello rent controlled apartment and a millionaire fiancé and ultimately a huge house). Wasn’t that all convenient.

The “bad boy” of the story was a much more interesting person, and funny, but his story line was a bit too pre-determined by his past I think (traumatic childhood of course you are self-destructive and unable to love), and even though the way his storyline ends (no spoilers) is a bit of a melodramatic cliché, had it gone the other way it could have been cliché too.

Let’s go back to some positives. Rich guy. He has a complex character and is not a caricature. Not a total villain. He was given opinions and a voice to express them. Loved the jab at millennials! I also think play very well shows how deep the HIV scare damaged some people’s ability to be able to get close to others and even to love. On the other hand the play was a bit preachy towards some of his actions (“omg you use prostitutes; you are morally responsible for them!). I am not entirely on board with the way the play treats the whole sex-work thing. You can’t have it both ways. Either it is a choice and people who do it have agency and can take responsibility for their choices or they are victims to be helped. If you pay a prostitute and are an ethical client (i.e. you do it consensually and do not abuse them) – you are not responsible for their future in my opinion. One may claim that as humans we have an obligation to help people in similar situation to Leo’s (hustler in the play) – but again – you can’t save everyone, and your life is mostly your own responsibility. If you take drugs and fuck bareback – um, I guess you are likely to catch HIV. It sucks if you are 19 and yes I agree that some people are just get thrown too much of crap in life to them. But ultimately we are all responsible for our own lives.

All in all, I am not sure it succeeded as “current look at what is our generation of gays is going to leave behind” as in what is our “inheritance”. Quite a lot in the story was tied to money, house, and wealth. How about “we will just live our lives as boring as straight people, make same stupid mistakes as anyone else, fall in love, have hearts broken, marry, divorce, have children, raise good children, raise crappy children, choose not to have children, commit suicide, or live and grow old”….? There is nothing “exciting” about just being straight, is there. How about our inheritance being our right to be ordinary, so that being gay is no longer something to be “realised”, “discovered”, or being ashamed of, “come out” about, fight for, but neither it is something to be super-proud of, because it is simply a part of who you are and hopefully will become as un-remarkable thing about someone as being straight is now. I could live with such inheritance. It was worth seeing however.

brexit shmexit

more for my own memory of these days

1. my MP (Kate Hoey) has no moral right to tell anyone how to vote. Lambeth overwhelmingly voted remain (>70%, second highest after Gibraltar) but she didn't care. Now she talks about "people spoke" when it suits her but she doesn't care about will of her own constituency.

2. Politicians on both sides should stop speculating on "what people meant" when voting to leave. They don't know that. Some probably meant "leave at any cost", while others didn't and others didn't even understand the consequences. So let's stop lying to each other that "people meant this" or "people meant that". Without second referendum you would not know that.

and last thing it's the blind stubborn stupidity of "average Brexit voter" BBC keeps putting on air that drives me the craziest. They just keep chanting "let's just leave, we don't need them". Irony of the fact that they likely work in manufacturing that depends on export to EU, buy Portuguese tomatoes and cherish their one annual drunk vacation in Benidorm is lost on them. But the thing is - should we crash out of the EU, they will never make the logical connection between their Brexit vote and their lost jobs, higher prices and trade barriers. That would be too much thinking required to actually connect the dots. No, they will just blame everything on the EU and whine "why didnt they just give us everything we wanted" and "oh EU treated us badly and wanted to punish us". Like average Trump voter who will never admit he is horrible, and just blame the "enemies", "corrupt media", Democrats, conspiracies etc. You can't reason with such people. Even when their actions lead to horrible consequences they will never admit it.



obviously it is for two people to decide if they want a monogamous or monogam-ish or open relationship. the question remains (and there is no obvious answer) is to which degree we want monogamy because WE want it or because we have been taught and conditioned to want it (same goes for open relationships too. do we want it or do we feel we should want it...)

2018 theatre

time to look back at my THEATRICAL 2018.

trips to the theatre/opera/concert/ballet - 103 occasions. 16 visits to the Royal Opera House. Saw 27 Operas.
BEST of 2018 theatre for me:
- Lady Windermere's fan. Oscar Wilde.
- John. National theatre.
- My name is Lucy Barton. Bridge theatre. With Laura Linney.
- Machinal. Almeida.
- Lehmann trilogy. National theatre. directed by Sam Mendez.
- Summer and Smoke. Tennessee Williams. Almeida.
- Company. Musical by Sondheim. Rosalie Craig. Patti Lupone.
Best Opera productions:
- Giulio Cesare. Handel. Glyndebourne.
- Lady Macbeth of Mzensk. Royal Opera House.
- the Ring Cycle. Wagner. Royal Opera house.